Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sorry it's been so long...

Here's my Willow-girl, just shy of 5 months! Time has certainly flown by. She's grown so much, both in stature and personality. She's recovering quite nicely from her recent spay, (8/24/11), and is still just the sweetest thing! She certainly is a talker, but makes up for that barking by snuggling with her mama.  :)

As most anyone knows, we just endured a beating from Hurricane Irene. We lost cable/internet, followed by power yesterday, but luckily all were returned today. All three of the dogs were great throughout, but weren't entirely thrilled about doing their business amidst powerful wind and rain. Being a California girl, myself, I'm much more accustomed to earthquakes than these hurricanes and tornadoes. Oh, yes, did I mention that we recently experienced an earthquake, too? I pray we leave this place soon.

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